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About Sheyla Vie

Our Story 

Sheyla Difo Voye has 25 years' experience as a store owner, fashion stylist, and Saks Fifth Avenue sales pro. In 2021, Sheyla seized the opportunity to open Sheyla Vie (the name is inspired by the famous French term "c'est la vie" which means "seize the day") in the former Nordstrom Rack building in Chevy Chase, DC closed during the Covid pandemic.


Her mission? To bring the distinctive, fun, high-fashion designs from the world's most cosmopolitan cities to the women of DC.  Using her base of extensive contacts in design and fashion and a loyal client list  - Sheyla brought Sheyla Vie Collections to life.

The result is a unique fashion experience that blends stylist expertise with a wide range of clothes that meet the dynamic fashion needs of DC women. Whether it's a Tahari jacket for the courtroom, Jovani for the ballroom or Redemption for the dance floor - Sheyla has the clothes, jewelry, and shoes you need to bring out your best, personal style.

When you visit Sheyla Vie Collections, you'll also be supporting a local, woman-owned business. Sheyla is often in the store and would welcome the opportunity to serve you.


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