Sheyla Difo Voye is the owner of Sheyla Vie. She began her retail career 25 years ago at Saks Fifth Avenue in Galleria, where she quickly learned what women wear in high fashion, to follow the latest trends, and what women need to wear to best express their individual styles. During her shopping experiences in Europe, she learned more about fashion from top designers. In time, her vision, creativity, commitment, and direction, along with her top sales professionals, have taken her from selling in small boutiques to her current establishment in Chevy Chase. The Sheyla Vie shopping experience continues to grow as well as her base of loyal clients. So, what is the Sheyla Vie shopping experience? With comfortable seating throughout the store, along with an impressive selection of quality clothing and accessories designs, Sheyla Vie is a shopping event! Sheyla Vie brings back the art of social shopping. Clients receive the VIP treatment expected, and they are invited to bring their friends along to share and enjoy this experience! You always have a standing open invitation to Sheyla Vie, and our sales professionals are known for giving every client, personal shopper attention!